Holcim Australia requires a large number of containers to be hired and deployed at sites for a range of purposes nationally, including as change rooms, lunchrooms, storage and cooling, site offices and for administering first aid. On various occasions, modifications need to be made to the containers to suit these varied requirements.

“We need to hire a lot of containers regularly for our sites right across Australia,” says Parveena Farook, Operational Buyer at Holcim Australia. “We have a lot of projects going on.”


Needs of the client
- 10, 20 and 40-foot general containers
- 10, 20 and 40-foot high cubes
- Dangerous goods containers
- Refrigerated containers
- Toilet blocks, offices, lunchrooms and first aid facilities
- Locks to ensure safety of goods and staff
- Platforms
- Container modifications to suit needs, such as for change rooms
- Delivery of containers to a range of locations across Australia

With 38 facility locations across Australia, Royal Wolf sources and delivers a large number of containers to Holcim Australia locations nationally, and recently approached the company with an agreement for a national price guarantee. This means Holcim Australia now has a centralised ordering process with Royal Wolf and can easily budget for container use at sites around Australia.

Royal Wolf engineers and safety experts also visit Holcim Australia sites when required to provide solutions and modifications to containers.

“We get better pricing,” says Parveena. “We have projects going on everywhere and we have different requirements for the hire of containers to suit our business needs, so this makes it easy for us.”

Solutions provided
- Creative logistical solutions
- Collaborative approach to container modifications
- Containers delivered on-site at locations across Australia
- Centralised ordering process for all locations
- National pricing agreement

“Royal Wolf always provides the best containers,” says Parveena. “I’ve never had any complaints from my sites or my internal stakeholders. No-one comes back saying Royal Wolf delivered a dirty container, or there was rust.

“The containers are delivered on time and they’re quick to respond. They’re very approachable, they know exactly what we need and they ask us for a lot of information to make sure there are no issues with delivery.”

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