New Royal Wolf Leadership Team Responds to Changing Business Needs

Royal Wolf Leadership Team

With a combination of new appointments and internal promotions, Royal Wolf has restructured its Executive Committee to hone its focus on industry leadership, growing the business, and better servicing its clients.

Joining the team as Executive General Manager Australia, Simon Gillies has a wealth of experience in hire companies and knows the problems that need to be solved:

“Although our brand is strong in the market – we have a great product range, the best distribution network, and dedicated staff who are experts in their field – there are lots of people who don’t know everything we do. Solving that disconnect is part of the solution to growing our business.”

With responsibility for the Australian customer service centre network, Mr Gillies is excited to be working with those at the front line to positively affect customer experience. He recognises that “there are lots of moving parts that integrate with one another in the customer service centres – equipment availability, staff engagement, staff training and reporting – that when done well will impact the customer in a positive way.” His aim is to work with the five regional managers to empower them to do just that.

All the new executive general managers share Mr Gillies’ vision. With 30 years’ industry experience, Viv Kennelly is the new Executive General Manager National Accounts, with oversight of the top 300 Royal Wolf accounts. Mr Kennelly is committed to developing account managers’ communication, relationship building and demonstration skills in order to better service these vital key accounts. His passion and understanding of the business have shaped his goals for the next 12 months as he plans to “develop the skill set of our national account managers, so that we all have a planned, proactive approach to the relationships with key customers.”

Paul Creighton, Executive General Manager – New Zealand, agrees. “I’m responsible for connecting with customers, setting the framework with our internal teams and focussing the business on customers – that’s our number one priority.” After 15 years with the company Mr Creighton knows what’s needed. “There are a number of initiatives across the company that we’ll be implementing, such as technology of processing systems and pushing that change through the business, engaging with the teams and ensuring the business grows." Like Gillies he also has a key goal around new training and coaching for the sales teams.

The EGMs will be ably supported in their endeavours by Audrey Galbraith, Australasia’s Executive General Manager of Operations – the Royal Wolf team knows that sales are only effective and repeated if the company has the operations side of the business performing at its peak. Ms Galbraith knows that it’s her team’s responsibility to do this. “We need to ensure that the right processes are in place, that my team is continuing to deliver quality solutions based on the sale’s team’s promises,” she says.

“The new team is energetic and has a deep understanding of the priorities of the business,” says Chief Executive Officer Neil Littlewood. “Their experience, and the way they are working together, puts us in a great position as the company continues to evolve. Our dual focus on customer and staff engagement will benefit everyone,” he adds.

Greg Baker, Chief Financial Officer says, “The Executive Committee members have a clear vision for Royal Wolf. To grow and change to best serve the needs of its clients, it needs to support its own workforce.” With this approach, Royal Wolf aims to cement its position as the market leader and reset the standard for excellence in the industry.


Image pictured left to right from back: Paul Creighton - Executive General Manager New Zealand, Viv Kennelly – Executive General Manager National Accounts, Simon Gillies – Executive General Manager Australia, Audrey Galbraith – Executive General Manager Operations, Neil Littlewood – Chief Executive Officer, Greg Baker – Chief Financial Officer

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