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Royal Wolf is proud to announce it has begun building a new state-of-the-art facility in Newcastle, New South Wales.

This exciting new facility marks a first for the Australian shipping container company, with the branch’s design set to feature a number of key sustainability measures.

“We’re committed to building a more sustainable society, and the development of this new facility in Newcastle marks the future of Royal Wolf,” says Neil Littlewood, Managing Director Royal Wolf Australia. 

“By implementing key sustainability measures we will significantly reduce our carbon footprint and help make a meaningful impact to reduce climate change. We also want to build a consistent model for our operations, across Australia and New Zealand, going forward.”

Designed in collaboration with Dowse Projects, the Newcastle facility will be solar powered by a 61.2 kilowatt system. It will also feature a 20,000 litre water catchment and reticulation system, motion-sensor lighting, and landscaping using native Australian plants.

“The main focus for us is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,” says Mr Littlewood.

“By installing solar panels, energy efficient light bulbs and motion sensor lighting, we are better able to quantify our energy use.

“It’s exciting to have a positive impact on our environment, our society and our future.”

The facility will also be future-proofed by including infrastructure that allows for additional sustainability measures and future technology to be incorporated further down the track, such as electric vehicles.

“As a company we want to grow and stay at the forefront of innovation, whether it’s in sustainability, technology or in our operations,” says Mr Littlewood.

“Although we don’t currently have electric vehicles, we’ve installed electric vehicle cabling to ensure we’re already set up when the time comes, so we don’t need to go back and dig up concrete or complete further work.”

Royal Wolf expects the sustainability measures to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, while water used for site operations, including the cleaning of shipping containers and site maintenance, will come from the 20,000 litre water tank.

“Our 61.2kW solar power system will produce 235 kWh kW on average per day, realising a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,” Mr Littlewood says.

“The water catchment and reticulation will enable us to not only store and save water, but also harvest it for reuse throughout the facility.”

In addition, where possible 5 Star Green rated sustainable materials will be used in the construction of the new facility.  The internationally recognised 5 Star Green rating demonstrates high environmental and social performance.

Construction of the site at Kooragang Island in Newcastle is expected to be completed in August.

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