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Royal Wolf Develops Proactive Shipping Container Solutions To Help Australia Battle Covid-19

Australians are known for their world-class innovation and ingenuity. Right now, many individuals, governments and businesses across the country are channeling
that spirit, and rising to the challenge of battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Our expert engineering team is one of them.


In response to the federal, state and territory governments’ call out for proactive solutions to help Australia tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve developed a number of designs. These designs are currently at the deployment stage, ready for delivery to support frontline health workers and affected Australians across the country.

With pressure already building on existing medical facilities, Royal Wolf has developed concepts for a variety of short-term medical testing facilities, as well as custom shelters for people queuing for testing. The engineering team is also working on larger concepts for clinics and makeshift hospitals.


Neil Littlewood, Royal Wolf’s Chief Executive Officer, says the team have been working quietly and proactively in the background for a number of weeks already. “We really wanted to be on the front foot, developing solutions today to support Australia’s new tomorrow. There is a lot of uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, but the best thing we can do as a business is to harness the expertise of our engineers and the versatility of our tailored shipping containers to provide solutions that will help out our fellow Australians,” says Littlewood.


Our engineering team have already developed prototypes for custom shelters to provide weather protection for people queuing outside COVID-19 testing stations. The custom shelters – which will be particularly necessary as Australia heads into winter – can be installed quickly to different locations across the country.


After successfully delivering a COVID-19 drive-through testing clinic for a regional Australian hospital, complete with storage facilities in two containers, we’ve now finalised plans for a walk-through clinic and already installed one in Queensland.  This pop-up clinic can scale up to become a full isolation ward, field-style hospital, and will be able to be delivered and installed quickly to different medical facilities across Australia.

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Royal Wolf’s National Manager Modifications, Brendon Greatrex, is proud of his team’s dedication and proactive approach during these testing times.  “Our entire team is completely dedicated to this cause. We are all in this together and we are absolutely committed to finding helpful solutions. Royal Wolf’s product range by nature lends itself to rapid deployment, and our emergency response products are testament to that. Our customers are often amazed at how quickly we can complete an installation,” says Greatrex.


Uncertainty has become part of everyday life in Australia but Royal Wolf will continue to be on the front foot. Whether you’re a hospital, council or government body, we can design, deploy and deliver tailored shipping container solutions quickly.

Our team is available to chat through your unique requirements and provide quick and effective solutions now. Get in touch with one of our expert team members here:

Brendon Greatrex: 0402 653 739 or

Bob Fuller: 0439 633 785 or

Viv Kennelly: 0488 788 989 or 

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