Service Veterans

Royal Wolf is proud to donate a container to a Defence Force veterans group to provide a safe space for veterans to gather and support one another, particularly those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Nui Dat RnR Military Vehicles is an organisation based in Bowral, New South Wales, that supports and provides refuge to Defence Force Veterans who have served in conflict, including the Vietnam War and, more recently, in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Royal Wolf’s in-house design and engineering team modified a 20-foot container by installing a personal access door, a window and completed electrical work to provide the container with power and light and then donated the finished product to the organisation.

“They had a need for a safe and secure all-weather location to use as a meeting room for veterans,” says Viv Kennelly, Royal Wolf General Manager of Sales.

“Once I spoke to our Managing Director, Neil Littlewood, about this organisation, we were more than happy to do what we could to support and provide them with something they really needed.”

The organisation, which is run by volunteers, was founded by Vinh Tran to honour his father who was part of the South Vietnamese Army before becoming a translator for the Australian Forces during the Vietnam War.

The facility welcomes busloads of veterans, totalling approximately 500-600 people from Sydney and surrounding areas each year.

“It’s a place where veterans and those suffering from PTSD can come and know they’re in a safe space. They can catch up with and provide support to people who know what they’re going through and have been through, speak about their experiences, how they’re going and how they’re coping with life,” says Viv.

Nui Dat RnR is also home to several working Defence Force vehicles, including Willys Jeeps and troop carriers, which can be rented out for weddings and events to raise funds for veterans and other related charities. Free joy rides for kids and families are also on offer, with the facility open to the public when veterans meetings aren’t in progress.

Nui Dat RnR Military Vehicles was “over the moon” when it was revealed Royal Wolf would donate the container.

“They’re very appreciative and didn’t expect it at all,” Viv says.

He says it was important for Royal Wolf to recognise and support the group by giving them  a much-needed facility, which would in turn help those who have served.

“As a United Rentals company, which is involved in supporting returned service people, this is how we can get involved in Australia,” Viv explains.

“We feel we always need to give back to the community and this year we’ve had a very strong focus on mental awareness. With veterans, it’s very hard for them to relate to the general community – they need to be around like-minded people. We thought this was a way we could contribute to mental awareness in society as well.”

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