Cerebal Palsy

Royal Wolf is proud to continue to support charity and community organisations that make a real difference and have donated a container to CPL Capalaba – Choice, Passion, Life.

Royal Wolf is proud to support CPL – Choice, Passion, Life (Capalaba) through the donation of a container to help the disability support organisation with the outstanding work it does in making a real difference within the community.

CPL works to maximise the potential of those with disabilities and aims to help them achieve life goals by providing support at home, school, at CPL centres and therapy clinics, aged care and across the community.

In 2021, CPL assisted more than 13,000 people with a disability or barrier to independence across Australia, from Far North Queensland to the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, and helped more than 1700 people find and keep a job they love.

“Our diverse services and modes of delivery have made us a provider of choice for families of young children, young people, adults, and older Australians alike”, says Kirsty Austin, General Manager Services at CPL.

“Across everything we do, we invest our effort, resources, and passion into finding better ways to deliver services and help people achieve their goals.”

CPL hosts a range of events and activities every year, including the CPL Trek Challenge, that requires it to store large equipment. A Royal Wolf container keeps everything safe.

“Having a space to store these larger items frees up space in our garden area and allows our clients to do more of what they love, such as gardening and outdoor activities,” says Kirsty.

“Not only this, but we are able to spend more time focusing on the activities themselves as the equipment we need for these activities is now on site.

“We are also able to do these activities more regularly as it gives support workers more time back in their day and we now have more space inside to have multiple activities running in the centre at the same time.”

That container, previously on hire, has now been donated to CPL by Royal Wolf.

“Supporting charities and community organisations that do incredible work to help those in need is something Royal Wolf is always looking to do and CPL is a wonderful organisation, so we’re very proud to assist and help make what they do easier,” says Brendon Greatrex, Royal Wolf Regional Manager, South Queensland. 

Kirsty says she hopes other businesses would follow Royal Wolf’s example in helping to make a difference.

“Real change for people with disabilities can only occur when all parts of our community pull together, including businesses like Royal Wolf,” says Kirsty.

To learn more about CPL – Choice, Passion, Life or make a donation, please visit their website here.

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