Champion Bay

For more than a decade, Royal Wolf has provided a shipping container to the Champion Bay Surf Life Saving Club in Geraldton, Western Australia for no fee, and now it has officially gifted the container to the club.

With limited facilities and space for storage, the Champion Bay Surf Life Saving Club first enlisted the help of Royal Wolf 12 years ago. It needed a secure and conveniently located amenity to keep its valuable equipment safe from theft, damage and inclement weather.

The gifting of the 20-foot general purpose container means the club, which patrols Champion Bay and the Geraldton Foreshore, now has a permanent location for its gear right where it’s needed.

“We have a few locations where we store our equipment, including at a shed approximately 5km from the beach. So the important part about the Royal Wolf container is it doesn’t just provide additional storage, it gives us storage within 100m of where we are and where we need our equipment,” says Peter Nelson, Champion Bay Surf Life Saving Club President.

“It provides us with so much convenience – all we need to do is bring the equipment across the road and on to the beach. It’s also very secure and requires no maintenance as it’s very durable.

“It’s been a critical part of our set-up, we wouldn’t have been able to do without it over the years.”

The features of the container mean it has been the perfect solution to the club’s storage problems.

“They wanted something that was lockable and, in addition, our containers are secure, waterproof and dustproof, so the club saw it as the ideal way to address their storage needs,” says Andre Eastough, Royal Wolf Branch Manager, Geraldton.


In addition to keeping everyone safe at the beach, the Champion Bay Surf Life Saving Club runs community events and a Nipper program, and provides important equipment for wheelchair and disability access to the beach.

Over the years, the container has been used to store items including buggies, boards, paddles and, for its swimming group, inflatable finish lines, marker buoys and anchors.

It’s currently used to store two specialised wheelchairs, a walking frame and matting, which makes the beach accessible for those with disabilities and mobility issues, including the elderly.

“We set up the matting to create a pathway from the concrete path to within two to three metres of the water,” says Peter.

“This means those with a wheelchair, a disability or mobility issues and have trouble in the soft sand can easily access the water.”


The club is grateful to Royal Wolf for its long-standing support.

“The club is in a better position financially because of Royal Wolf’s support and generosity,” Peter says.

“Having the container gifted to us now gives us peace of mind that we’ll always have that convenient and secure storage location close to the beach. It also means that the money we raise can go towards other projects and community initiatives.”

Royal Wolf is proud to be able to continue helping the Champion Bay Surf Life Saving Club through this donation.

“The club does important work within the community and gifting the container is a great way to give back to them for all their wonderful efforts,” says Andre.

“We’re proud we can support them in our own way, by providing a secure storage solution for the equipment that allows them to keep the community safe.”

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