Royal Wolf gives mobile Indigenous community hub a home

During this year’s National Reconciliation Week Royal Wolf showed its support by donating a container to be used for a special community hub at Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre in Sydney, an initiative created by the Aboriginal Women’s Support Group. The Gathering Place is a portable social hub and educational centre providing the Aboriginal Women a kitchen to cook up meals, a place to yarn and a place to practice and teach their culture. Members of the indigenous community across Sydney’s South West region can also come together here and it will be used as teaching tool at the local Ashcroft primary school, where the women can educate children on indigenous culture.

Royal Wolf supplied a 20 foot shipping container to be used as a permanent home for the Gathering Place, giving it a secure and weather-protected space at night and when it’s not travelling. The hub is housed in a modified camper trailer with a tent-sized fold-out roof, allowing it to easily move around various locations so they can provide a “culture on the go”. Nikki Tighe, Manager of the Liverpool Women's Resource Centre, which has hosted the Aboriginal Women’s Support Group for six years, says the initiative was created from a need for the local indigenous community to have a space of their own to come together.

“The theme for National Reconciliation Week is "Don't Keep History a Mystery". It invites Australians to share stories and develop a deeper understanding about our past and aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions. “It’s fantastic to see local businesses like Royal Wolf, contribute to an initiative that gives local communities another avenue to celebrate their culture and educate present and future generations on the rich history they have to share.”

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