Royal Wolf Provides Extra Accommodation for Victorian Prison

Provided by Royal Wolf, the 50 containerised accommodation units will house low risk prisoners and have been modified to provide all the amenities of a traditional prison cell. The project is the first of its kind in the state and delivers a potential blueprint for the future as well as a clear demonstration of the wide range of applications for Royal Wolf’s sophisticated container designs. CEO of Royal Wolf, Robert Allan, said there is a need for innovative accommodation solutions across a range of sectors, including the expanding prison system and booming resource industry, which are cost-effective, safe and able to be rapidly implemented. Shipping Container Prison“Royal Wolf containers are strong, easily transported direct to site, quick to deploy and can, with our in-house engineering, be either modified or designed to meet project specifications. “This means they are the perfect solution to a wide range of business challenges, being used for everything from accommodation, mobile exhibitions, portable storage of dangerous goods, to retail outlets, training facilities and innovative construction projects. We are constantly amazed by the new ideas,” he said. Mr Allan said Royal Wolf has previously provided containers for a gaol complex in South Australia and, as the market leader, is well positioned to help resource further growth in the sector. “Royal Wolf is the largest shipping container provider in Australia and New Zealand. With 29 service centres, we can respond rapidly and professionally to meet our customers’ requirements for both long-term and time-critical projects, utilising a diverse and expanding range of innovative products,” said Mr Allan. “We have worked with government departments, construction and resource companies for the past eight years in this field. With more than 20,000 customers, our expertise, network scale and resources are second to none,” he said.