Royal Wolf Containers Used as Car Rental Pods


For many years staff from major hire companies servicing Tasmania’s award-winning Launceston Airport have been braving the weather and working out the back of their vehicles. The team at Launceston Airport briefed us to provide a practical office space that rental service representatives could hire.


We delivered three innovative office spaces built from 10ft Royal Wolf shipping containers. The colourful, custom office pods feature air conditioning, weather-proof glazing, secure key locking on the windows, cabinetry and a smoke detector. Designed to make rental service representatives working days more efficient and comfortable, the offices are available to hire from Launceston Airport now.


Joe Evans, Project Manager at Launceston Airport said, “Clayton and the rest of the team at Royal Wolf provided three functional and great looking offices for the car rental operators here at Launceston Airport. These offices will be greatly appreciated by those using them, especially in providing on-site shelter during the hot and cold months of the year.”

Modified Shipping Container for Thrifty Car Rentals           Thrifty Car Rental Pod by Royal Wolf            Avis and Hertz Car Rental Pods by Royal Wolf

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