The game-changing Wolf Lock Safety container has increased the safety and security at locally sourced water distribution company WaterX.

  • WaterX reports three Wolf Lock Safety containers have increased safety and security on sites across Queensland
  • Quick, detailed communication is key in strong Royal Wolf and WaterX relationship

WaterX has taken safety and security to the next level at its site by hiring three Wolf Lock Safety containers.

The Queensland-based company uses locally sourced water from multiple sites across the state to distribute in reusable bottles. It also locates and hydrates underground water throughout central Queensland, and uses Wolf Lock Safety containers at its Blackwater Mine site for safe storage.

The doors on shipping containers on-site were identified by WaterX as a hazard and safety risk, particularly as they are located in a high-traffic area for multiple forklifts and sit in close proximity to one another.

“We’ve had lots of issues with previous shipping containers as we’re having to open and close them frequently,” says Peter Luck, WaterX Manager.

The Wolf Lock Safety containers mitigate those risks.

“The Wolf Lock boxes close so easily and do so every time. When they’re closed, they’re airtight, watertight and as safe as houses. They increase the safety and security at our site tenfold. They’re amazing,” says Peter.

“The difference between the Wolf Lock boxes and those other boxes we have, it’s night and day.”


Peter has been impressed with Royal Wolf’s innovation and attention to detail, including going above and beyond customer needs and delivering products quickly.

“I was requiring containers urgently and within days Royal Wolf delivered the containers on-site,” says Peter Luck.

“I received messages and phone calls on a Sunday, which was very impressive. That’s the way I operate but not all businesses do that, especially larger businesses, so it was really impressive.

“I was always kept informed and if they didn’t have an answer to a question, they would find out and get back to me. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”


Working closely with customers to deliver what they need quickly and provide logistical solutions is integral to Royal Wolf’s service.

“To hear how our Wolf Lock containers have helped to improve security and safety is great,” says Daniel Wickham, Branch Manager at Royal Wolf Rockhampton. “At Royal Wolf, safety is one of our priorities, and feedback like this is exactly why we developed this solution for sites.

“Peter came to us requiring containers quickly and because we have 95 per cent of stock on-site, we were able to source what he needed and have it delivered fast.”

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