Royal Wolf is excited to reveal a revolutionary new solution designed and engineered for a wide range of industries, including building and construction, road works, mining and government infrastructure projects, which can be deployed as an on-site, one-stop shop.

Available for hire nationally, the Royal Wolf Site Hub is a game-changer.

Built within new 40’ containers, the Site Hub is completely self-sufficient and can be delivered anywhere and at any time. 

“The Site Hub came about from one of Royal Wolf's values, and that is to listen to our customers,” says Danny Nichol, Royal Wolf National Account Manager for Portable Buildings.

“There's not enough of this product in market; there's always a shortage. We hope to fill the void.”

The Site Hub is designed complete with unique features, including a stainless-steel kitchenette, fridge, hot water system, toilet and hand-wash basin, lunchroom, office area and security bars.

The new innovation provides sites with a one-stop shop that is not only convenient and valuable for staff, but ensures there’s less time wasted going to and from sites.

“It provides a facility where staff can quickly have a cup of coffee, they can store gear there. It just makes the site more efficient,” says Danny.

“In more regional areas, where there’s no access to amenities, a Site Hub can be hired and it solves the problem.”

Royal Wolf’s South Queensland Regional Manager, Brendon Greatrex played an integral role in the design and development of the Site Hub and says “in the marketplace, it is a new innovation.”

The Site Hub is designed complete with unique features, including a stainless-steel kitchenette, fridge, hot water system, toilet and hand-wash basin, lunch room, office area and security bars.

“We identified a need in the market with our customers for an amenity on site when they don't have any toilets and lunchroom facilities,” says Brendon.  “There’s a generous storage area, and a 12-volt fridge that runs off a solar system.  “It works very much like a caravan.”

Royal Wolf Site Hub

For over 26 years, Royal Wolf has worked closely with its customers to provide containers to use for storage, as workspaces, and on large projects including markets, recycling stations and even as accommodation facilities.

Over time, Royal Wolf identified a customer need for an all-encompassing space with all amenities, particularly on work sites. A Site Hub on-site from day one means work can commence instantly.

“The deployability of the Site Hub enables our customers to drop these units on the ground anywhere in Australia, without power, without connection to sewers or water. It's completely self-contained,” Brendon says.

“It enables our customers to work in remote locations and have the amenities that their people need to start working and be comfortable from day one. As soon as it hits the ground, it's running.”

Brendon says it was integral that the Site Hub could run on site without being hooked up to water or mains power.

“It's got its own little pump - it's got 1000-litre water supply, so when you're not plugged into the main water, you can just turn on the tap and the water just pumps straight into the sink,” he says.

The Site Hub is available to hire across a diverse range of industries, including building and construction, mining, road works and government infrastructure projects, and is ideal for regional sites that have limited access to power or water.

“It’s an extremely deployable piece of equipment. Customers can call us to hire it and we can have it on a truck and on-site that afternoon. Within hours, it's up and running, ready to go,” Brendon says.

Royal Wolf Site Hubs are available for hire now, with potential delivery in metro areas on the same day.  Call us now on 1300 651 700 or request a quote:

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