Wiradjuri Warriors team up to tackle the NSW Aboriginal Rugby League Knockout Carnival

Royal Wolf was proud to support the Wiradjuri Warriors at the NSW Aboriginal Rugby League Knockout Carnival, which took place over the Labour Day weekend. The Dubbo based tournament saw attendance from 30,000 sports fans from across the country and was broadcast on SBS & NITV, giving the Warriors excellent exposure for their talents.

The Narrandera based team has played an important role in the local community since the 80s, but needed significant rebuilding following a recess in its fortunes.  Management has done an excellent job of reassembling a formidable sports team, but resources were needed to make the tournament campaign possible.

Royal Wolf provided kits for the players and was honoured to have its logo featured on the iconic yellow and green shirts of the Warriors. Additional support was used to fund accommodation and transport for 25 players, along with management and volunteer staff.

The Warriors comfortably won two of their three games and suffered their only loss to defending champions – the Newcastle Yowies.

Darcy Smith, youth worker and one of the lead volunteers at the club commented, “Indigenous sports clubs are often based in areas where big businesses simply don’t exist, making sponsorship incredibly hard to source. Support from companies like Royal Wolf is essential to grow regional talent and give young people the chance to shine.”

The Wiradjuri Warriors gives local Aboriginal men the opportunity to engage in a positive team environment and help them reach their sporting potential. The Aboriginal Rugby League Knockout is highly attended by NRL scouts, and features players currently signed to some of the country’s major clubs, giving budding sportspeople a valuable opportunity to transform their lives.

Viv Kennelly, Executive Manager, Royal Wolf commented, “Royal Wolf is full of dedicated rugby league fans, and we were cheering the Wiradjuri Warriors on throughout the competition. Sport can have a massively positive impact on people, and the investment and hard work needed to sustain teams is often taken for granted. It’s been a privilege to work with such a talented group of players.”

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