Compact Building Site Challenges Overcome with Unique Stackable Container Solutions

Construction and engineering teams working on building sites with restricted footprints are the latest wave of customers to benefit from innovative containerised amenities and storage solutions thanks to Royal Wolf. This rapidly growing market segment requires complete site solutions and with building managers unique needs, Royal wolf has transformed a range of containers to create portable buildings for lunchrooms, site offices, toilet and shower blocks, first aid rooms, hoardings and gantries specially designed for the construction projects. Danny Da Silva, National Manager Building and Construction, Royal Wolf, said his division is now delivering more building and construction solutions than ever before.

Site amenities are in high demand due to the large volume of construction taking place in Melbourne and Sydney. This month alone we’ve deployed 43 products into some of Victoria’s major infrastructure projects. With many sites limited for additional space, the stackable nature of Royal Wolf containers has proven to be a big draw card as we can reduce the footprint whilst still servicing the amount of workers facilities are required for. “Additionally, Royal Wolf’s units have been modified to provide walkway protection for the public, storage on top of the amenities and overhead protection, all within one or multiple stacks,” he said.

During the early construction stages of the $10.9 billion Metro Tunnel in Melbourne, Royal Wolf supplied John Holland Group 26 containers in the 20 foot and 40 foot varieties, consisting of lunchrooms, change rooms, comfortable offices, and toilet and shower blocks around two CBD locations. Providing a fully integrated worksite solution, the safe and secure containers were neatly triple and double stacked to work within the limited city space. Further afield, McConnell Dowell utilised five amenity container solutions with platform walkways and stair access during the Kororoit Creek Road level crossing removal project in Williamstown North.

“Lunchrooms and offices are the most popular products as they provide a clean, dry and safe place for workers to retreat and managers to work whilst they are on site. These structures are creative, simple, stable and compliant with first-class facilities,” he said. A number of Sydney based projects have also been incorporating a stacked approach to site facilities including Kane Constructions social housing project in Glebe where quadruple height containers were the best option to create the space needed for workers to operate.

Aland’s Peak Towers project in Mascot, an upgrade to Garden Island Navy facilities, AW Edwards Huntingwood development and Lend Lease’s Western Sydney Stadium in Parramatta project have all benefited from multiple story amenities designed, prepared and installed specifically to each job. Ideal for short or long term projects, Royal Wolf containers are easily transported and offer practical and cost effective amenities, space and storage solutions. The in-demand worksite range is available with flexible rental options and each building type is modified to suit individual needs, with features such as power, water, secure locking and appropriate fitouts.

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