Taronga Zoo

With its pop-up ice rink Taronga On Ice set to appear at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo for the month of July, Lion (Australia) needed food and beverage facilities to cater for hungry families and visitors to the open-air rink.

With large crowds expected, the pop-up food and drinks area needed to be large enough to accommodate both bar fridges and big queues.

“Lion were expecting large crowds, so needed a pop-up kiosk to serve food and beverages,” says Jake Voysey, Royal Wolf Hiring Consultant.

“They needed it to be spacious enough for bar staff to safely serve customers and large enough for people to easily see what was on offer.”

Needs of our client

  • Food and beverage sale facilities
  • Space to set up multiple bar fridges
  • Space for staff to safely serve customers and complete general work once bar fridges were set up
  • Adherence to Australian food and safety standards

After initially discussing hiring an event kiosk, upon hearing Lion’s requirements, it was suggested by Royal Wolf that a 20-foot container bar would be a better option.

“I suggested one of our container bars as you can serve food and drinks and its open floor plan style means there’s a lot more room to move for both staff and customers,” says Jake.

“Once I sent the information and updated pricing for that, they fell in love with it then and there, and said this is exactly what we need for the month.”

Solutions provided

  • 1 x 20-foot container bar
  • Advice on spacing and container inclusions to suit customer needs
  • Food and beverage sale facilities
  • Lighting and power
  • Non-slip flooring for staff safety
  • Provisions for cash registers
  • Storage facilities
  • Adherence to Australian food and safety standards
  • Safe delivery and placement of container on site, ensuring the Taronga Zoo entrance wasn’t damaged

    Within one week of contacting Royal Wolf, the 20-foot container bar was on site at Taronga Zoo, ready for food and beverage sales. Lion had the bar on hire for the month of July.

“They were able to offer both bottle service and tap service for alcohol by attaching temporary taps and putting kegs under the pre-existing bar inside the container,” says Jake.

“They were also able to place branding on the container bar to display what they needed to, such as their food and drinks menu.”

Lion was so happy with the container and service from Royal Wolf, they’ve promised to return to Royal Wolf with more work.

“The container was checked prior to delivery to ensure it was clean and in excellent condition,” says Caroline Gee, Lion Sales Executive – Northern Beaches.

“It was delivered on time as scheduled and I was provided with regular updates on the progress.”.

“I would rate my experience and the container provided as a 10 out of 10 and without hesitation would recommend Royal Wolf and Jake to anyone looking for quality containers and customer service. I will 100 per cent be using Royal Wolf again.”


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