Royal Wolf Creates a Noise Pollution Barrier for the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Local residents around the Sydney Harbour Bridge will no longer be disturbed from the noise of a powerful machine used to clean the iconic landmark, thanks to Royal Wolf. Our Modifications team transformed a 20 foot shipping container unit to house the diesel powered vacuum when cleaning abrasive material from the bridge to ensure it shines. [huge_it_slider id="8"] In a recent interview, Adrian Massey, State Manager - South Australia, said the container offers the ideal noise pollution barrier to protect Sydneysiders who live near the bridge. “We worked with the customer to create a customised product with a side opening wall, paint job to withstand the harsh harbour environment and sound-proof interior to reduce noise of the machine” he said.  The customer is reportedly impressed with Royal Wolf’s ability to tailor the container to its needs and was  pleased with the transportability of the unit. Noise Pollution Barrier 3