Royal Wolf shelters Penrith commuters from rain, hail and heat

alt= "penrith bus shelter"
When Talis Civil was awarded the Penrith Station Upgrade late last year, they turned to Royal Wolf to provide a solution for local commuters who would be without bus shelters throughout the October 2016 to April 2017 construction period. Royal Wolf made quick work of the construction, supplying and setting up 16 hoardings for temporary bus shelters in only one day. Brought in using a small crane on-site, the shelters were created by joining 2 x 20 ft hoardings together to create 40 ft shelters. The upgrade is part of a larger works program by Transport NSW that aims to improve the bus interchange area for commuters, reducing their waiting times. Royal Wolf’s shipping container solutions and speedy construction ensured Penrith locals could go about their daily commute undisrupted, through rain, hail or shine.  

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