Reliable Software Solutions

Despite operating in very different fields, Royal Wolf and Reliable Software Solutions have one thing in common – a passion for innovation.

So when the Brisbane-based software company reached out with an unusual request, Royal Wolf’s modifications team jumped at the chance to help.

“The customer made an enquiry through our web-based request form,” says Warner Anderson, Royal Wolf Business Development Manager of Modifications.

“I guess they did their research and they felt that we were the best fit for what they were trying to do.”

Reliable Software Solutions had developed scanning technology for use in the mining industry and needed a modified platform structure on which to mount the scanning equipment.

This equipment will be used to scan the mining trucks and measure the volume of material that they’re moving with each load.

“From that, the mine can calculate how long it’s going to take to move whatever hill or mountain they’re trying to move and work out how much it’s going to cost,” Warner explains.


One of the challenges the project presented, Warner says, was sourcing a 20-foot platform. Fortunately, they were able to locate one in Royal Wolf’s Melbourne depot.

The engineering team then had to figure out how to adapt the platform, which is usually used for transporting large items that don’t fit inside a cargo container, in a way it wasn’t originally designed for.

“Customers come to us with concepts or looking to solve a problem, and we help develop a solution that will fit what they’re trying to do,” Warner says.

“This particular client, Reliable Software Solutions, had an idea and then our engineers had to review it, do the calculations and make it work.”


Using a standard 20-foot platform as the base structure, the team had to modify the deck and add the mast mount, which houses Reliable Software Solutions’ scanning equipment.

The mining trucks drive under the mast, and an overhanging scanner measures the load and collects the data.

“The platform acts as a bit of a counterweight to anchor the mast and keep it stable,” Warner explains. “We also had to install rated lugs and pulleys to assist with lifting and securing the mast.”

The modified platform is also used to store and transport equipment.

Currently being used across three different locations on a Rio Tinto mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, the scanning equipment can easily be moved between locations as needed.


While Warner’s team regularly works on container modifications for workshops, site amenities and pop-up retail spaces, the request from Reliable Software Solutions placed them in new and unfamiliar territory. Fortunately, Warner and his team were up for the challenge.

“I find challenges like this particularly interesting and rewarding,” Warner says. “You have to pay attention to what the customer needs and wants, and ensure nothing is missed.”

In the end, it took a team of around 10 people more than two months to design and manufacture the customised platform.

“The customer was absolutely rapt with the outcome and it was a good result all round,” Warner says.

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